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Next Billion Dollar StartUp 2021 part 2

Sundae Founders: Josh Stech (CEO), Andrew Swain Equity raised: $136 million Estimated 2020 revenue: $10 million Lead investors: Fifth Wall, Founders Fund, General Global Capital, QED Investors, Susa Ventures When homeowners need to sell their properties quickly, especially if those homes aren’t in great shape, they can fall prey to lowball offers from flippers. San Francisco-based Sundae offers an alternative in 23 U.S. markets. Its marketplace charges potential investors a fee of 5% to 7% for the service, and gives sellers the benefit of multiple cash offers with no repairs, no showings and the ability to close in as little as ten days. Stech, 35, was previously a founding partner of LendingHome, which provides loans to real estate investors. Swain, 50, was that company’s CFO. Their three-year-old company has signed on more than 4,500 investors.
Titan Global Capital Management Founders: Max Bernardy, Clayton Gardner (co-CEO), Joe Percoco (co-CEO) Equity raised: $75 million Estimated 2020 revenue: $3 million Lead investors: Andreessen Horowitz, General Catalyst, Y Combinator After working at hedge fund Farallon and private equity firm Cerberus, Gardner, 31, grew frustrated at how investment was restricted to the ultrawealthy. “As a diverse founder coming from a humble background, I wanted people like my friends and family to have access,” he says. So he teamed up with fellow Wharton undergrad, Percoco, and Stanford grad Bernardy to found Titan in 2017. They struggled to raise money at first, but eventually got into tech accelerator Y Combinator on their third try in 2018. Via a mobile and desktop app, clients have direct access to its own money managers, hired from the ranks of hedge fund analysts and principals, for as low as $100 without restrictions on their net worth. The company has 30,000 clients and counting with $750 million in assets under management.

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